Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thrifty Thursday?

Because so much of my life and time revolve around saving money (both out of pleasure and necessity), I would like to bring back Thrifty Thursday.  I would, however, like to hear from YOU, my readers, what you'd like me to discuss.  Would you like some current deals (online?  brick & mortar stores?)?  Grocery sales?  General dealing tips?  Most of my blogging is really for myself, but this feature would be for YOU. 

I love sharing tips for saving money to as many people as possible--it PAINS me to see people paying full price for things at the grocery store.  So please talk back and let me know what you'd like to hear about!

For any of you who have missed this feature, here are a few of the past Thrifty Thursday entries:

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Cassie said...

What I really want is just to outsource all of my shopping to you. :)

I really don't have anything specific in mind, though -- I just love the feature and hearing about new and creative ways to save money.

Oh, wait a second: My word verification is "refule," which is close to "refuel," so maybe some tips on how to get gas discounts (aside from store card fuel perks, of course; I hope everyone knows about those).

crockpottuesdays said...

How fun! I am pretty much obsessed with thrifty meal planning. It's so fun for me to plan meals based on certain ingredients I need to use up so I don't waste money by throwing them out. I also love adding up how much a certain dish cost me to make, then dividing it by how many servings it makes, and saying "We're eating for a $x.xx per serving!" So, long story short, I'd love to read about cheap meals and ways to stretch a buck at the grocery. :)

Sarah Dee said...

I know there are 'low time' thrifty things, maybe some of your 'no time' thrifty things?

At this point, my time is more valuable than the $$$.

I also like the idea of grocery deals.

Sidenote: my verification word is 'atingua' so, how about a trip to Antigua?