Monday, November 7, 2011

4 Weeks

Blogger's Note: You're going to be seeing a lot of posts very quickly.  I'm going to try to space them out some.  I continued to blog after finding out we were pregnant, but just didn't publish the posts.  Now that word is out, I'm going ahead with the posts.

Written 8/21/11

I fear I've already gotten to the point where I cannot go too long without eating.  I fear even more that the nausea has already set in and that scares me.  We went to the park and when we got home I felt horrible.  It could've been the heat, the lack of water, or the lack of food, but I just needed to sit.  The Hubby cooked our dinner for us, thankfully.  But man...I hope this isn't the start of something ugly.

I've got a really short fuse these days with Baby Girl, too.  I can blame the pregnancy, but I think it's just how unreasonable and unpredictable she can be.  She gets mad when I fold over the bread on her sandwich.  She cries when I cut up food.  She sobs for the most ridiculous (in my adult mind) reasons and I just have a hard time handling it.  I understand that she's trying to exert her independence and I think we're really understanding with that.  That's probably why I get so upset--we usually give her a chance to do something on her own or "like a big girl", but then if she can't handle it, we need to step in.  And that's when the waterworks begin.

Anyway, pregnancy news is small.  We haven't told anyone and are waiting for awhile longer.  Our first appointment isn't until September 30th, but I can't imagine waiting that long to tell our families. 

I should mention, though, that I'm being forced to switch OBs.  My OB (who I just saw for my annual fairly recently) won't be delivering babies after October.  I was going to switch to the OB that we had for our gender determination with Baby Girl (my OB didn't do the anatomy scan), but she's really popular and, therefore, harder to get in to see.  I chose another OB in the practice, a woman.  I feel a little embarrassed now, but I did ask if she speaks English well.  I can be irritable when pregnant and really want to be able to communicate with my doctor well.  Anyway, she does.  So we'll be seeing her--I hope that it goes well, we like her, and that she's open to a VBAC if conditions are right for it.

So that's about it.  I'm waiting for the exhaustion to hit, waiting for the nausea, waiting for everything else.  I did test again yesterday morning, just to see.  Still pregnant and the line is even darker than before.

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