Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shutterfly Holiday Cards...and a Giveaway!!!

It's time to start thinking about holiday cards.  Ever since Baby Girl was born, we started sending out photo cards (and giving photo books as gifts as well) because I know people love to see her beautiful face.  Many times it's the only contact we make with people throughout the entire year, so they can see how quickly she's growing, too.

I think I've posted before about how much I love Shutterfly, but I wanted to make sure you really know it this year :)  I've tried other websites, but love the quality of Shutterfly.  I typically order holiday cards (and sometimes other cards throughout the rest of the year) through Shutterfly and I wanted to show you some of my favorite designs this year.  I won't tell you which ones I'll use, just in case you're on my Christmas card list!

I actually received a couple like this last year and I love it!  I love that you can include multiple photos as well as the classy, classic design

Of course, this year we just have one kid, so we'll likely just include one picture.  I like this and obviously am leaning toward the monogram designs!

This one is a little different and I love the way it looks with a black and white photo.  

I haven't taken our Christmas card photo yet, but I'm sure it will include a lot of joy.  I can't get Baby Girl to stop smiling most of the time.  This one is really fitting for our family--we laugh all the time together!

Don't you love these designs?  Go check out all of Shutterfly's awesome Christmas card designs!

And here are the details for the giveaway:

I have three codes for 25 free cards for my readers that Shutterfly provided me!  That means THREE of my readers can win codes for 25 free cards (codes expire 12/31/11).  Wow!

I'm going to make entering easy--just go to Shutterfly and come back and tell me which design is your favorite.  You can tell me why, too, but it's not required :)  Make sure I have a way to get into contact with you in case you win.

The giveaway entries will be cut off at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, November 22nd.  On Wednesday, November 23rd, I will announce the three winners both by emailing them individually and on the blog.


Cassie said...

I hate to be a copycat, but I too love the "What a wonderful world" design. I love that you can use multiple photos, and I think the sentiment is so beautiful -- and apt, for the way I'm feeling this year. I'm very sappy lately. :)

osuraj said...

My favorite is the last one you listed, the "Bold Bright Joy" card. Love the colors on top of the black and white photo...different from what is typically out there. Email is Congrats on baby #2 by the way!!!

Samantha said...

I LOVE the Merry & Bright ZigZag!

How'd you get involved in a promotion like this? I LOVE Shutterfly! :)

Val said...

I love the Holly Jolly Joy cards!

I just stumbled across your blog recently and love it.

sarah said...

i also like what a wonderful world! however, i may pick one that is a bit more simple, as my pics are simple this year :)

Andrea said...

I did the cranberry snow one last year, but I'm really loving the snowflake ribbon one!

Charlie said...

I think Joy and Peace is my favorite. Hard to pick -- there are so many good ones!