Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doctor Appointment

Written 10/13/2011

Yesterday we went back to the doctor for our 12-ish week appointment (will be 12 weeks on Saturday 10/15).  

I should start the story a little earlier, though, where I'm at work.  The appointment was at 2:45 and at 2:06 I realized I HAD to pee and I wasn't going to make it to pee in a cup.  So I went to the bathroom and proceeded to chug 16 ounces of water so I could pee again at 2:45.  We get to the appointment and I am successful at peeing in the cup (so much so that I could have overflowed it).  Woo!

We waited for a LONG time in the exam room.  There were a few signs asking patients to be patient, which made us laugh because we'd never had to wait for too long.  Until that day.  We didn't get to see the doctor until about 3:30.  Wow.

From there, the appointment was pretty standard.  I unbuttoned my pants and she stuck a paper towel around the edge of my pants and panties so she didn't get any goop on them.  She pulled out the ultrasound and we waited.  And waited.  I began to panic (I found out later from The Hubby that I clenched my fists).  She must have realized how scared I was because she said, "I can *see* it, but we just can't hear it".  Thank goodness. Then she tells me that my bladder was extremely full.  Seriously?  I didn't even feel like I needed to pee.  In fact, I didn't end up peeing until about 6:00 that evening!

Anyway, she moved the wand around my bladder enough that we were finally able to hear that beautiful whoosh whoosh whoosh.  The doctor said it was in the 160s (was 168 at the first appointment).

And that was it.  It was a really short appointment once we saw the doctor.  We declined the ultra screen, but indicated that we'll do the quad screen when the time comes (at the next appointment, I think).  And then she was gone!

One thing to note.  At home, my scale is telling me that I've gained two pounds since finding out we were pregnant almost two months ago.  That's great compared to gaining 10 pounds prior to my first appointment at 9 weeks with Baby Girl ;)  But the office scale is saying I gained 2.5 pounds since our last appointment four weeks ago.  I know it's not a big deal, but I'm hoping not to gain as much with Baby #2 than I did with Baby Girl.  I'm not stressing about it, but I just want the record to note that my home scale says I haven't gained that much!  :)

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Cassie said...

That whoosh whoosh sound is one of my favorite sounds in the entire world. I can still hear it so clearly in my mind.