Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meal Plan: 4/1/12 - 4/7/12

Yes, this meal plan is late, but it's been done since Monday afternoon because of our crazy Sunday.  It's a little haphazard, but I didn't spend an exorbitant amount at the grocery, so I think that's okay.  I can't wait for produce to become more readily available and, therefore, cheaper!

Sunday: We technically ate at our nieces' birthday party, but because the main dish was cold cut sandwiches, I ended up with a Taco Bell taco around 9 p.m. to top off my day of horrible eating (also had cold cuts for lunch at a baby shower....).  I ate chips, cake, and desserts most of the day.  ~sigh~

Monday: Pizza Hut pizza (grocery shopping didn't happen until after Baby Girl's bedtime that night and she'd requested pizza.  Remind me next time, though, that no matter how cheap it is, don't eat Pizza Hut pan pizza.  It just doesn't agree with me and never has.  I like their hand-tossed crust, but the buttery crust is just too much for me.

Tuesday: Taco Chicken Rice Bowls: My mom is watching Baby Girl Tuesday and Wednesday of this week so we needed something that made plenty since they'd both be eating it for lunch on Wednesday.  This was a recipe from my cooking club that we really enjoyed, so we decided to make it again.  My mom liked it enough to ask for the recipe and we all ate plenty of it, so I'd call it a winner!

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Pizza: We have leftover chicken that was grilled last week that needs to be used ASAP, so I bought a shell and we'll make a pizza out of it.

Thursday: Grilled pork chops & corn on the cob: The grocery store had corn on the cob on sale this week.  I doubt the quality will be very good and the ears were really teeny, but we're going to give them a shot!

Friday: Coneys and tater tots

Saturday: Not-So-Dirty-Dirty-Rice: This is another one that we tried recently and loved and I made a point to bring it back to the meal plan.  It's pretty easy, really yummy, and I want to eat sausage until I don't feel like I should anymore (ie. after Baby Boy arrives).

For the record, I have no idea what we're doing on Sunday.  I'm tempted to make a nice dinner, but it'll just be the 3 1/2 of us, so it seems like a waste.  We'll see.

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