Monday, April 9, 2012

"I think it's time"

Alternate title: "Things you shouldn't say to your sleeping husband after having a late-night discussion about your plans for when you go into labor when you're not actually in labor"

Last night we sat and talked through all of the different options for what we're going to do when I go into labor (the discussion mostly centered around an unexpected water-breaking incident).  There are lots of complications--the biggest of which being our little lady who could very well be deep in sleep in her bed.  We tossed around all of our options and finally settled on our preferred outcomes, knowing that we can't control a damned thing.  At least we can prepare our family and friends for the possibilities.

This morning I woke up to use the bathroom and, based on my early morning calculations (I keep my clock approximately 25 minutes fast), noticed that The Hubby was late getting out of bed.  I said, "Honey, wake up.  I think it's time"....meaning that it was time to get up for the day.  He was groggy and confused and startled and asked "Time for WHAT?" and I told him that I just meant it was time for him to get into the shower.  But the look on his face told me what he'd thought I'd meant.


I later realized how that might have been received and retracted my statement and apologized.  I had to apologize on Friday, too, for calling him without leaving a message, then having my phone on silent (I'd thought I'd turned the ringer on, but I didn't) so he couldn't call me back to make sure I was okay.  We've since agreed that I'll text him with any baby-related updates.

Guess I need to be more careful about these things...


Cassie said...

Yeah, it's also not a great post title when certain readers are awaiting your announcement on pins and needles! ;)

The Stoycheffs said...

HA! Loved the fakeout title!!

I hope you get option #3 -- water breaks but without substantial contractions. And it happens after a good night of sleep. We totally lucked out with Aidan like that, and it was Alex's day off to boot. I thought it broke around 6:45 and we packed and showered and left around 9, still not feeling like it was real labor. After a long check in and triage I got a room and was sent to walk, and that's when I got going. I hope for you that it's a nice, easy thing with plenty of advance warning. It's hard when you have a little person in the mix. In the end, as much as I didn't want an induction (although we found out later it was GOOD I got one) that was the best thing to come from it -- getting to plan with Aidan.