Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Big Girl

I look in the rearview mirror at her, marveling at how she got to be so big so fast.  I remember the last days of her being inside of me, wondering what she would be like.  I listen to her telling us all of the facts she's learned about planets, making observations, making logical connections that seem far beyond her years, getting distracted by some cows along the way.  I remember holding her at bedtime last night, noticing that she doesn't fit into my arms the way she used to.  She still fits, just in a very different way.  We have to navigate those long legs somewhere in my lap now.

I look down and can feel her hand in mine--no longer her hand wrapped around my finger, but now walking with her, hand in hand.  Her hands and feet don't remotely resemble a little baby anymore.

I see the way her entire body has been changing recently.  Her thighs barely have any evidence of the rolls that used to reside there.  Her whole torso is flattening out.  She can wear her 24m and 2T shorts from last year because she's gotten thinner around her tummy, even though they might be a little short.  She's changing from a toddler to a little girl.

I marvel at all of the things she's learned.  She can ride her scooter like a pro.  She can get her socks on all by herself.  She can spell names and identify letters and count.  She knows facts about the planets and about plants and about dinosaurs.  She can sing songs without any help from us.  She can go potty and do it all (except wiping her tushie, of course) on her own as long as she has her little step stool.  I can't remember the last potty accident we had.  She can even turn on and off the faucet and wash her hands all by herself and then articulate when she can't reach the towel to dry her hands.

I can't help but be a little sad at the baby I've lost, but at the same time I'm looking forward to seeing what other surprises she has in store for us as she grows.  She amazes me every single day and while it makes me sentimental to look at her and reminisce, I can't wait to see what she turns into.


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LOVE. She sounds like such an amazing little girl and this post totally brings her to life. Beautiful.