Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hormones? What Hormones?

Many of my friends have told me about crying randomly throughout their pregnancy and I was relieved to realize that I hadn't experienced that side effect (nor others that I'm not going to mention here for fear of jinxing myself). Apparently, however, my body was just lying in wait to attack here in the last 8 weeks. Since this past weekend, I have cried for at least 10 minutes every single day (many times more than that). Last night my trigger was when DH offered to hold up my belly for me to take some weight off my back.

I know much of it is the stress and worry about delivery and caring for an infant, so it's easy to write most of it off...but I can honestly say I officially blame some of it on hormones as well! Seriously. Who cries because their husband offers to do something sweet? Apparently this pregnant lady does!


Andrea said...


It got to the point for me, that I had to switch channels during mushy commercials, because I'd end up a blubbering mess, crying for 1/2hr after a 30 second hallmark commercial.

Tip: Invest in waterproof mascara :)

crrv said...

Hormones are so wonderful. When I was pregnant, I literally had moments of laughing then crying then laughing again. The whole time thinking I was crazy. :)

Marcie said...

you think the crying is bad now...prepare for the hormone surge after birth!!! I cried and laughed at the same freaking time!!!!