Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am so incredibly blessed.  I had about 100 people on Facebook tell me happy birthday for my big day (you know, the big 2-9) on Sunday.  I know most of them would have had no idea if it weren't for Facebook reminding them, but I'll let that pass and just enjoy the well-wishes. :)

On Saturday we had friends over to watch the OSU game (Go Bucks!).  We used to watch EVERY game with these folks, but since we both had babies last year (our little ones are 3 weeks 2 days apart), it's been pretty hard to coordinate game-watching and naptimes, so we've been watching games solo this season (they were so much more portable and flexible last year!).  Once the babies were done with naps, we all went out to eat to one of my favorite restaurants, BD's Mongolian BBQ.  The Hubby and I actually went there for my birthday last year while my parents watched Baby Girl (our first time out without her), but we had never tackled going there with her.  It's sort of like a buffet in that you go up and pick out your food--not so easy with a toddler.  It was nice to have extra people there--the ladies went and got food for themselves and their little ones while the daddies hung out with the babies, then the daddies went up to get their food.  It was fun and it's always nice to spend time with friends :) 

Oh, and our friends got me some accessories for the Cricut that she and I share, so I'm really excited to try them out!!

That night, Baby Girl decided she wanted to be the first to wish me a happy birthday and woke up at midnight....and again at three...and then again for the day around 6.  Ugh.  What a long night. 

What I had thought would be a curse on my birthday turned out to be a blessing.  The Hubby found out on Saturday that he was going to have to go to work on Sunday morning and I assumed that meant I'd be on my own with Baby Girl all morning, but that didn't happen.  Instead, he took Baby Girl with him to work and let her run around there for a couple of hours...while I SLEPT.  He said he wanted to make a point that he needed to be at home.  Not sure if anyone got that point, but I sure appreciated getting to sleep in until 9:30 and waking to The Hubby and Baby Girl bringing me my birthday gift in bed--a gift certificate to get an hour-long massage and some Swedish Fish :)  The Hubby had also brought home breakfast, but Baby Girl wouldn't have let us eat in bed, so we went downstairs to have our bagels.

Around 12:30 my parents arrived to the house and we all had a lunch of cold cuts and chips.  They gave me some gifts (including a fabulous new wireless printer!) and played with Baby Girl, then she went down for a nap while we watched the rest of the Browns game (Go Brownies!!).  When she got up, we went out to dinner at Olive Garden, then returned home for cake.  At dinner, Baby Girl was in rare form.  Seriously.  She was twisting and turning and wiggling and giggling--it was like we'd given her a bunch of carbs all day.  Oh wait.....

We let Baby Girl stay up a little later than normal, but it didn't seem to affect her overnight sleep--she was stil up once last night.

The only damper to the weekend was that I now have the cold that Baby Girl started coming down with on Friday.  Having a cold feels so different now and I don't think it's that my body reacts differently, I just know I have to keep pushing through.  Sure, I feel pretty rough, but I still need to do stuff around the house, nurse Baby Girl, work, etc., so I do.  So the cold didn't ruin the weekend like it might have in previous years...just keep on keepin' on!

Thanks to everyone who helped me have a glorious 29th birthday!  Next year is the big one!  Can't wait to see what it brings...


Cassie said...

I feel so terrible that I missed your birthday! CURSE YOU, Facebook mobile!

Anyway, belatedly...Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend -- especially the sleeping in part. That part sounds FANTASTIC! :)

Sorry again for missing your birthday!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Sorry about the cold but happy belated birthday! I too have an october birthday and I think it's the BEST month for birthdays :)

osuraj said...

Happy belated birtday, sounds like it was a good one! :-)

Sarah Dee said...

glad that it was a good day! Happy birthday!