Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan 10/10-10/16

We're getting back on track with organizing our house.  We printed out the weekly calendar, planned out our meals for each night based on how late The Hubby has to work, figured out which days we're driving together, planned out what we're going to get accomplished each night (if we don't, every single night is TV TV TV).  Tonight we're cleaning out the craft room/office.  It's so incredibly overwhelming that we have to load everything into big tubs and sort in some other room, Clean Sweep-style (which apparently is no longer on TV...).  We're really giving this simplified life thing another go.  Wish us luck...

Sunday: Taco Bell.  Yes, I fed my daughter Taco Bell.  And she ate almost an entire Chicken Taco (Fresco-style, thankyouverymuch), tortilla, lettuce, onion, and all.  That's my girl...  We'd been out of town this weekend and I didn't get a chance to get to the grocery until she was in bed.  Better for her than a donut...which is another post for another time.

Monday: Santa Fe Chicken (new recipe--should be good as long as I actually have everything I need...which I'm not so sure about!)

Tuesday: Chicken Burger Sliders and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Wednesday: Lasagna (my mama's recipe with some spinach thrown in ;))  We're taking Wednesday off, weather permitting, and going to the zoo, so we should be home early enough to do lasagna.  Yum!

Thursday: Pancakes & Turkey Sausage

Friday: Leftover lasagna

Saturday: Either Chipotle, a gameday tradition around here, or a frozen Mexican casserole I made a week or so ago.

And apples.  OMG, the apples.  I bought about 15 apples at the grocery last night at $0.88/lb.  I might go back on Wednesday to get more.  I'm planning on using most of the Granny Smith to make this.  Or this.  Or maybe this


Cassie said...

I have fallen completely off the home organization wagon. Actually, I don't know if I ever got completely ON. Sigh. It'll all get done eventually.

My suggestion is that you make all three of those recipes. They're all very very good! (And thanks for the shout-outs! :))

Allison said...

Oh should see our house. There is zero organization. But I've gotten fed up. We tried to be organized before and it didn't work. I'm determined to pare down stuff and simplify or I'm going to go insane (it's seriously adding WAY more stress to my life than it should).

Anonymous said...

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Brandis said...

Millie loves taco bell too! But she likes those thicker pita type ones. Thats so funny!

You've inspired me to get more down and dirty with our weekly calendar. I've been so bad about that! Thanks love! xxoo