Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Answering Amy's Question

Amy asked:

What is E's personality like so far? Any future career paths she should start looking into? :)

Baby girl could be a model or an actress. I am probably biased, but I think she's beautiful and she has the best smile. She also has a bit of diva within her. lol She loves to be around people and wants to be the center of attention. If someone's holding her, she's usually pretty happy (unless she's tired or hungry, of course). She hates to sleep because she's afraid she's going to miss something (she's a lot like her mama in that sense). She's such a busybody and incredibly nosey.

The only thing that might keep her from being a model or actress--she loves to eat! lol Of course, so far the food she's the most fond of (out of four she's tried...haha!) are sweet potatoes, so that might not be too bad for her figure. As long as she hits a growth spurt and doesn't stay a shorty, it could still happen!

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