Thursday, February 11, 2010

First cold

I don't remember if I made a post about a cold previously...but it ended up not being a cold (yay!). However, baby girl has officially come down with her first cold (boo!). Her breathing was changing when we put her down Tuesday night and then she woke about 1 1/2 hours later with snot running out of her face. We suctioned her and DH and I slept with her in the recliners overnight that night. Come morning, she was acting pretty normal (was moving and shaking all over the living room--she's getting this scooting thing down!), but by afternoon she was definitely slowing down. She'd napped 4 times by 3:00 and soon after puked all over DH multiple times. It was awful. I picked her up so he could clean himself up and she puked all over me multiple times. Ick. Called the doctor and they said to push Pedia.lyte until morning.

Baby girl was having none of that. I ended up nursing her b/c she just wasn't taking the Pedia.lyte and she's kept everything down so far (as far as I know). My poor baby. She slept like normal last night, though, which was really nice. She's coughing a bit, though, sneezing, and has snot running all over. She was a mess this morning. I stayed home until my mom could come up, then came into work. I'm getting ready to head home--I miss my baby! I'm just hoping she's feeling better--poor, sweet thing!

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Danica said...

Ah I hope she's better. Nothing sadder than a sick baby. :-(