Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Socks in my Pocket

Doesn't that sounds like the name of a band or something?


This has become a normal occurance for me. Sticking my hand in my coat pocket, either to keep it warm or to pull out car keys, and pulling out, instead, a pair or two of baby socks.

Baby socks, you ask? Yes, I have a baby, but why would I have socks in my pocket? Well, you see, baby girl hates to wear socks, but since it's February in Ohio, we insist. She resists (just this morning she stole them from me, not once, but FIVE times to then stick them in her mouth), but being the big meanies we are, we force her to wear them, at least until she's in someone's house.

And once she's in someone's house (specifically, the babysitter's), they're off in an instant. Every single day we pick her up, sockless. I'm given her socks, they go into my pocket, and the baby gets put into her carseat (don't worry, she's covered by one of those fuzzy things...keeps her little toes warm. The sitter would tell us if we weren't keeping her warm enough--she just did yesterday when we didn't put her hood up for the 10 second walk to the 85 degree car).

We go through this song and dance during the week. And that's how I end up with five pairs of socks a week in my coat pocket.


Danica said...

HA! Too cute.

LW is funny about socks. He hates when Kassidy doesn't wear socks in the house in the winter. So he sends her back upstairs if she comes down without them on. Silly daddy.

Mandy said...

So with you! I never anticipated what a pain socks would be. But that's what prompted my search to keep the boy in the footed snap one-piece outfits as long as possible. I hate that the 9-month ones are pretty much too small for him now because that's as big as they go.

Cassie said...

I think this is so sweet! Andrew hates socks so I'm always finding them all over the house. It always makes me smile.