Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mobility and other new developments

I love getting to watch baby girl learn new things every single day. She's just amazing.

We were blessed to have a snow day yesterday (as a non-teacher, these are very rare in our house), so all three of us just hung out together. We got to watch her demonstrate her newly acquired crawling skills. For about a week she'd been doing this worm-like movement where she'd push up on her arms and "worm" (for lack of a more descriptive word) her way to you across the carpet. But as of Monday night, she is officially, truly crawling. She's got the knees and arms all working together (even though she still hesitates to put her right knee on the ground sometimes) and can travel pretty well that way. She's still slow, but I have a feeling the speed will come very soon!

She's also a huge fan of blowing bubbles. Once she starts she doesn't stop for about an hour. She'll do it while she's upset, while she's happy, while she's eating (Daddy loved that one with squash in her mouth)...bubbles everywhere!

Baby girl has also recently discovered her hands. This is very strange to us, as she's had great dexterity with her hands for months and months now. She can pick up little things, grab, throw, etc., but never went through a phase of staring at her hands--she just started using them! Well now she's started looking at them. She'll hold them up in the air and move her arm around, rotate her hand and just watch it in amazement.

What else? Oh, she's ticklish. Her back, her armpits, her sides, her thighs, her neck...pretty much anywhere! Sometimes she'll get frustrated when you tickle her, but other times it will produce belly laughs and squeals and those are so much fun!

This kid will also love to play in the parachute during gym class. Whenever we lift a blanket up in the air and start to let it fall over her, she opens her mouth in a huge smile, closes her eyes, and holds her breath. She loves it!

Every day it is something new, which makes coming back to work so much harder! Today is her first day not being the baby at the sitter's--a three month old started this morning. Good thing she's getting that mobility thing down--she won't get to be held as much anymore!


Cassie said...

I loved reading this! It makes me so excited to experience all of these things all over again. It really does seem like they change every day. I look at pictures of my oldest when he was a baby, and I sort of can't even believe that he's the same person!

Danica said...

She's growing so quickly. Adorable. I love your passion and happiness for your baby! Warms my heart. HUGS