Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Online Coupon Resources

Hello again!  You don't have to buy the Sunday paper to get coupons and I'm going to tell you about different places you can get them.

Printable coupon sites:
Coupons, Inc.

For most of these sites you'll probably need to install a coupon printer plug-in, but once you do that, you can print until your heart's content! 

Coupons, Inc. is a bit different than the others because it's a source for all coupons that are hosted by Bricks, which is a company that has many printable coupons.  The key to Bricks coupons is that you can print two copies per computer by hitting the back button after you print the first one. 

Product websites:

If you're going to buy a specific product, check their website!  Many times there are coupons available on the product website.  Look for a link called "Special Offers" or something like that.  Colgate is one of my favorites and you'll notice that Special Offers is the last link in the top bar of links.

Coupon Databases:

There are a lot of sites out there that track all available coupons, including mailers (flyers mailed to your home), inserts (those that come in the paper), printables (those you can print online), peelies (coupons attached to products found in stores) and blinkies (coupons in little coupon machines found hanging on store shelves).  Here is a list of those that I've used at one time or another:

CouponMom (you'll need to create a login*--I've never received any spam from them)
Bargain Briana
Deal Seeking Mom
Hot Coupon World

Many of these databases function so that you could enter in something you're going to buy, like "beans" and it will pull up coupons for any brand of beans that is available.  That way you can comparison shop when at the store and decide which coupon matches up with which product for the best deal (but remember that generic with no coupon may STILL be cheaper!!!).

Please let me know if you have any questions or any other good suggestions for online couponing resources (I will cover online resources for shopping other than food/toiletries/paper products later)! 
Next week Thrifty Thursday will be on a hiatus because I'll be spending the day with my daughter and husband celebrating Baby Girl's FIRST BIRTHDAY!  But stay tuned--I will turn the following week and hope to dive into answer the question, "How do you match up coupons with grocery ads to get the best deals"? 

*Because many sites require a login to get the best deals, I suggest creating an email address that you can have all your accounts tied to.  That way if you do end up getting a bunch of spam from the site, you don't have to weed through it every day.

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