Thursday, March 12, 2009

The quest for a soft pretzel

I crave soft pretzels. No, this isn't a pregnancy thing. It's just a "me" thing.

Growing up, we used to keep the frozen soft pretzels in the freezer. They were good.

But then I discovered the big pretzels like those that are served at sporting events. Those are phenomenal.

Then I had a butter-coated pretzel. Those are good. They're very good.

But some days I find myself craving those pretzels that you can, seemingly, only get at sporting events. And, therefore, I'm on a mission to find the pretzel without having to pay admission to a volleyball match or something.

They used to sell these (you know the ones...they hang on the metal spinny thing?) at concession stands in department stores. I remember my Hill's had them along with the cotton candy and sno-cones. Target is now the only store I know with a store-run concession stand and they have those "gourmet" pretzels (see butter-coated from before).

DH seems to think the buttery pretzels they serve at Sam's Club should suffice (this is a great substitution if you don't want to pay the exorbitant prices at Auntie Anne's! They're less than $1 apiece!), but they just don't. They're delicious, yes, but they aren't the same. So the search continues.

If anyone has a lead on where I can find these delicious items, please leave me a comment! (even if you just want to laugh at me you can leave a


crrv said...

The chewy kind? Kinda hard, but soft in the middle? Almost rubbery?
Try the Columbus Zoo. Their food stands have them. :)Also, most movie theatres have them too. Ohhhh, that's a good idea, treat yourself to a movie and a pretzel. My personal favorite is the soft pretzels from Auntie whatever at the mall. But they are like fresh baked bread.

Kim and Dave said...

I hate the pretzels at Sam's Club! It's like asking for M&Ms and getting the crappy food service substitute. And now you've made me crave a pretzel. Yum! Days like these make me wish I lived in DC.

Mandy said...

Crap dude...I am so impressionable! I am totally craving a pretzel after reading this and I'm not even a pretzel fan.

But you would have loved to have grown up in Philadelphia. I think it was Philly, anyway. We visited once and they had random guys selling a bag of pretzels on street corners, 4 for $1. And they were amazing. Soft and warm and perfect. They were kind of like the guys you sometimes see selling roses from buckets at intersections? I think it's a big city thing. Anyway, those were the best. ::drool::

Manday said...

Doesn't Schmidt's serve pretzels? In general, I would be searching German village.

Allison said...

Schmidt's does, but they're not quite right...I love to be able to peel off the outside layer. lol I know, I'm weird.

We totally should have gotten one from a street vendor in NYC when we were there last May.

Oh well. If nothing else, I can have one (or two) at the spring game next month :)