Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small Things

After yesterday's fairly depressing post, I thought I should take a step back and appreciate the happiness around me.

1) Book Club with wonderful women last night!
2) Eating yummy food at said book club....cheesecake, cake, unhealthy veggies, spinach dip...mmmm....
3) Seeing my parents tonight (and getting back DH's car)
4) Seeing college friends this weekend!
5) Being spooned by DH with his hand on my belly
6) Feeling our little GIRL squirming around in new places--I can now feel her up toward my belly button!
7) Having a delicious free breakfast this morning
8) Warmer weather! I'm perfectly happy with the 50s :)
9) DH kissing me on the cheek every morning when I drop him off at work and telling both P and me to have a good day
10) Still being able to wear my rings (and my shoes...but I'm trying not to jinx myself!)
11) The Big Show on 97.1 (I love Spiels and Hooley)
12) March Madness!
13) Chocolate, especially when it comes out of a plastic Easter egg
14) Finding a great parking spot, even after getting here late from breakfast
15) Infusium conditioner--makes my hair feel better than any other conditioner!

1 comment:

Simi said...

that is a very happy post :)

I personally thought you looked great yesterday; but maybe since I don't see you every day and don't feel the way you feel (preggo!) hehe I can't relate as much... but try not to be too hard on your self! soon enough you'll be full all out preggo belly popping!

Otherwise thanks for the nice compliment @ bookclub yesterday... it was like a hug, always appreciated! I've got a lot of work to do still.. but every little bit helps to motivate me for more!!!