Thursday, February 9, 2012

28 Weeks

It's been a rough week for sure (see my previous post), which sort of explains my delay in posting this update.  Sort of.  I'll be 29 weeks on Saturday.  One of these days I'll post these in a timely fashion but for now this is what you get!

How am I feeling? Not horrible.  Baby Boy is starting to crowd my lungs, which is causing some breathing discomfort.  As I mentioned in my last update, I keep forgetting that I'm 28 weeks pregnant.  I just got back from taking a walk (to get a bagel...don't think I'm actually going out for my health!) and had some major discomfort in the left side of my abdomen once I realized that I was walking too quickly for my body.  I've also suddenly been having some sleeping trouble.  I had a hard time getting comfortable last night and am still waking very regularly (at least once per night) with a body part that is numb.

Weight thoughts: Still frustrated, but trying not to think about it.  I'm eating when I'm hungry and I'm trying to be smart about what I'm eating and eating lots of fruits and veggies.  And a Shamrock Shake.  Try not to judge.

Doctor appointments?  Nothing until 2/22.

Movement?  Yes!  Baby Boy is VERY active, especially in the evenings.  I have a feeling we're going to have a definite witching hour in the evenings with him.  I had my first experience with painful movement right at 28 weeks--it felt like he was trying to bruise me from the inside.  I'm pretty sure he's still transverse, based on a very emphatic flourish of movement that I got last night when I must have rolled too far toward my stomach.  It was like he was letting me know that I was squishing his head--he was flailing on both sides of my stomach, waving his arms and kicking his legs.

Baby preparation? Our basement is done, which means that the nursery is the only huge project we need to tackle before his arrival.  We haven't even thought about it much, though.  If we're healthy this weekend, maybe we'll go shopping and see if there's anything that we really like.

The biggest news, though, is that we are about 90% sure that we have a name.  We had narrowed our list down to about 3 names and had said them all to Baby Girl to make her feel involved.  Now when we ask her what Boomer's (our nickname for Baby Boy) real name is going to be, she'll respond with one of the names consistently.  We question her about the other two and she says, "No..." and tells us the name she likes.  We could obviously convince her of a different name, but listening to her say it has convinced us that we like it, so I'm guessing it's going to be Baby Boy's name.  And no, I'm not sharing with anyone.  Hopefully Baby Girl doesn't either!

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Cassie said...

You can share it with me, right? ;) I promise I won't tell!!!

I'm glad you're feeling pretty good. And no, no judgement here on the Shamrock Shake. As long as you don't judge non-pregnant me for indulging in them more often than I probably should. ;)