Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick, part 2

(I apologize in advance for the scattered nature of this post.  You'll discover at the end why my brain isn't working terribly well.)

My mom came up to watch Baby Girl on Thursday so The Hubby and I could go to work. We are incredibly grateful that we have someone who can come in relatively short notice and who we know will give Baby Girl everything she needs to feel better.

When we left in the morning, the fever was still hanging around at 102. Baby Girl got plenty of snuggles and some applesauce and apple juice. She fell asleep in my mom's lap around 1:30 (naptime is typically between 12:30 and 1:00, so it's no wonder...) and slept there until just before we got home at 5:00. Wow. Lo and behold, when she woke up, the fever was gone! Thank goodness. She was still coughing and her nose was running a small amount, but the fact that the fever was gone was a huge victory.

By Wednesday of her fever (day 3), Baby Girl was acting slightly lethargic and didn't have much interest in eating.  I can honestly say that this was the very first time in many sicknesses that her eating has been affected.  It was scary and frustrating at the same time.  By Saturday, though, her eating was already returning to normal.  We found that she lost 2-4 pounds over just a few days.

Friday the sickness seemed like an average cold with an ugly cough.  The snotty nose appeared after the cough, but by Sunday both were in full swing.  I think the cough was slightly better yesterday, but am not sure.  She's back at the sitter today.  If this had been an average cold, this would probably be a day we'd keep her home, but since she'd been out for 5 days already, had been getting really bad cabin fever (she'd been in the car three times since last Sunday and only got out somewhere other than home once--at the doctor), and the sickness came from the sitter, we think she'll be fine.

Friday night, though, I noticed that The Hubby's eyes were very red.  It wasn't abnormal for him--he has REALLY sensitive eyes that get really red from being tired or sick or just dry.  Saturday they didn't look much better, which had me concerned.  I asked about them, but he wasn't concerned, so I let it go.  Sunday morning, though, when I woke up with Baby Girl at 5 a.m. (!), he told me that his eyelids were crusted over.  Great.  So I took Baby Girl to the recliner after failing to get her to go to sleep in her rocking chair in her room, and we both finally fell asleep at 6 a.m. and slept there until 8:30.  The Hubby got out of bed around that time as well and I found out that the clinic inside our local grocery store opened at 10 on Sunday mornings and suggested that he go there.

Around 11:30, he texted me with his diagnosis: ear infection, sinus infection, and pink eye.  Awesome.  I'd already snapped at him that morning for touching his eye then touching something else and told him that the reason pink eye doesn't usually spread between adults is because adults have the common sense to wash their hands after touching their eyes.  So it was a great morning all around already.  He got three medications and came home and we ate lunch.

The day went fairly normally until 9:45.  Baby Girl had been in bed for almost 2 hours and was suddenly crying.  I went to her and she wouldn't tell me why she was crying, but fell asleep immediately in my arms.  I had a hard time transferring her back into her bed (she was facing the wrong direction), but she didn't seem phased by turning around and laying there awake.  We went to bed and she woke up at 10:30 (The Hubby went in--same sort of thing), 11 (I went in--same sort of thing), and 11:30.  When she cried at 11:30, I asked The Hubby if I should just take her to the recliner and her stomped out of the room.  Neither of us is at our best in the middle of the night and sick, apparently.  I didn't hear from him again all night and when the alarm went off this morning and I subsequently turned it off and overslept (I don't know how to work his stupid alarm clock!), he still wasn't there.  I woke them both up at 7 in the recliner.

Aaaannnddd....when I woke up I had a not-so-pleasant surprise.  I now have the cold portion of the sickness.  I'd been coughing some over the last 5 days, but never felt sick, but now it's definitely a head cold for me, complete with sneezing, coughing and snot, just in time to start a work week.  Great.

If we can keep the pink eye contained to The Hubby, though, I consider it a victory.  Keep your fingers crossed for rapid healing in our household!


Cassie said...

UUUUGGGGGHHHH. I'm so sorry about all of that. Stupid sicknesses. Sending TONS of healing vibes your way, for real.

(Oh, and speaking of sicknesses, Joe now has the same awful version of strep I had two weeks ago. I feel so awful for him.)

Mandy said...

I'm so sorry about the sickness! I hope the pinkeye doesn't spread.

What I was really shocked by, however, is how Baby Girl will still sleep on/with people in a chair. That is just amazing to me. I think we'd have to keep DS1 up for three or four days straight before he'd be tired enough to fall asleep on us. I miss that. And DS2 pretty much never did that because he's always preferred to put himself to sleep.

That's so sweet that she'll still snuggle like that. I am sure you treasure every moment of it.