Monday, February 27, 2012

Allergist Appointment

I talked about our appointment with the allergist last year here and it was time for a check-up for Baby Girl today.  As a recap: we thought she was allergic to milk, but has no milk allergy and a very mild contact allergy to eggs.  We were told to hold off on nuts until she turned 3.  She hasn't had any pure eggs since our appointment last year and we've only seen one breakout from a stovetop macaroni and cheese that I made that had an egg as a binder.  I've made dishes like this where you bake it and it was fine--I'm wondering if the egg didn't get warm enough or something.  The nice thing about her allergy is that as soon as we wipe off her face, the breakout goes away.

Baby Girl was tested again using the skin prick test.  She reacted much more poorly than she did last year--she listened SO well and didn't move, but was laying on the table (I sat next to her and rubbed her hair and face) crying big tears.  As soon as I was allowed to, I picked her up and snuggled her.  She was fine within about 30 seconds, but I felt horrible for her after seeing those tears rolling down her cheeks.  We were left alone for 15 minutes to allow the spots to react and she did GREAT not touching her back.  She even told The Hubby and me not to touch her back when we were picking her up.  She played with the toys they had there and was very sweet to everyone, as usual.

The doctor came back in when the timer went off and checked her out.  The egg spot hardly reacted at all, which is great news!  He said that in a few months we can start to slowly introduce some egg to build up her tolerance and to help encourage her body to outgrow the allergy.  He also said we could introduce peanut butter whenever we want.  Because The Hubby and I eat a fair amount of it, Baby Girl has been interested in trying it for awhile (but will say "I don't like peanut butter" or "I don't like eggs" when asked--we've tried explaining to her that it's just that they don't like her very much...).

I did have a revelation this morning about how different things like this will be once Baby Boy is here.  We always schedule appointments as early as possible so we can just go straight from home, but we won't want to have to take Baby Boy with us in the future, so we'll either have to divide and conquer (The Hubby and I have each only missed one doctor appointment for Baby Girl and both were sick appointments) or run Baby Boy to the sitter and then go to Baby Girl's appointment (or vice versa).  The things you don't think about....

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Cassie said...

Woohoo, I'm glad her reactions were so mild! Miss Thang is going to love her some peanut butter.

And that is truly amazing that you've each only missed one of her appointments. WOW.