Monday, February 20, 2012

30 Weeks

I was gasping at 29 weeks last week, but now 30?  Seriously?  It feels like a major turning point for me having that "3" in the front of the number.  That also means that we're moving into the territory of having a single digit number of weeks left.  Eek!  Panic commencing.

How am I feeling? Generally okay.  Nothing majorly new since I last posted.  I've been having some major hip pain from laying on my sides all night.  My preferred sleeping position is on my side but with one leg slung over the other, putting pressure on my belly and Baby Boy doesn't seem to like it when I do that.  It's when I accidentally do this that I realize that he's still likely transverse.  I've got a pillow for between my knees that works to help keep me in the correct position but also means that I've got a lot of hip pain when I wake in the morning.  I should really probably fire up that yoga DVD that I bought for $1 at the beginning of my pregnancy...

Weight thoughts: Meh--it is what it is.  We'll find out on Wednesday how bad it is.

Doctor appointments?  This Wednesday--woo!

Movement?  Oh yeah.  I'm getting a LOT of movement up VERY high these days and I remember feeling that with Baby Girl, too.  Some of the movement on my right side is starting to get a little painful, which I never had with Baby Girl.  He still has his nightly dance party while I watch TV--I think sometime this week I called it "a rave" on Facebook.  I've found that he loves to kick his big sister when she's sitting on my lap.  Tormenting her already...

Baby preparation? We went to 4 thrift stores and a discount furniture store on Saturday morning searching for a rocking chair and found nothing.  I did figure out which of the thrift stores near us are nicer, though, and may head to it when I need to fill in Baby Boy's wardrobe.  But his room still sits the same as it has.  We'll get to it eventually... :)

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