Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Do You Need?

We've had a few people ask recently what sort of things we need for Baby Boy.  We're quickly realizing that there's very little that we need, thankfully (which is why people don't have showers for second babies).  I think I'm going to get some hand-me-down clothing from a friend, but don't have any idea yet what sizes, seasons (her boys were born in August) or quantity for those. :)  But otherwise it's just replacing the pink with blue.  So much of Baby Girl's clothing, bibs, blankets, and everything is pink. PINK!

We need to work in the nursery very soon, as I'm getting more run down by the day and want to have the energy to decorate the way I want.  In there, we just need some sort of rocking chair and then would like to buy some bedding and wall hangings.  Luckily we do have some general-neutral sheets and swaddles that will be fine for awhile, but I would love to really decorate the room and enjoy it like he's my first child (I don't want him to start getting a complex already!!!).  The walls are already tan and we are leaving up the vinyl lettering with the words to "You Are My Sunshine", so that just means a few wall hangings and bedding.  Here are some themes that I like, although we probably won't buy a full set unless it's cheaper that way:

From Target

Also from Target--I like the geometric stuff a bit better

Also Target (are you sensing a theme?  I actually really like some Walmart, but am having trouble linking the photos here...)

I'm finding myself drawn more to greens than blues, but am not opposed to either.  I do like muted colors more than bright, though.

I also need to buy a new cover to my nursing pillow because I broke the zipper last time.  I have some Amazon gift cards thanks to Swagbucks, so I think I can get it for free that way.

I did realize, though, that there was one thing that I am going to start telling people we'd love if they ask what they can get us--restaurant gift cards and frozen meals!  Until I started putting myself into this situation, I never would have thought of it, but I remember how overwhelming the thought of cooking was last time and realized that this would be perfect (and it will be my go-to gift for parents from now on, I think).  

After doing our assessment, I'm actually fairly surprised at how little we need to buy to be prepared for Baby Boy.  I've been buying some diapers and will need to stock up on size 1's when I see deals, but we're otherwise doing really well!


Cassie said...

YES, having frozen meals was such a Godsend for us. I probably had a month's worth of frozen meals ready by the time Will was born. I really want to make some for you and get them to you somehow. I know there's a post somewhere on my blog about all the meals I froze before Will was born, if you're looking for inspiration.

I love all of the bedding choices, but I think my favorite is the first one. Although I do like the little animals in the third one...hmm. I hope you share pictures of the nursery when you have it all set up!

The Stoycheffs said...

I like the first bedding set too. It looks a little more boy like to me!

You can certainly borrow clothes from us too -- we certainly don't have any pink, and we do have some more neutral stuff that doesn't scream boy too. We're done with newborn clothes, and we have some totally summer-ish outfits and some totally winter and then some that we could use both times. Hopefully baby boy could use something. And then after that it will be up to Eli's growth and whether he's ready to move up to 3-6 month stuff before your boy needs 0-3 month. But it could totally work and we're totally willing. It takes up a LOT of space. Let me know...I'm very willing to bring it to a lunch meeting...which we should totally schedule ;) Also excited you have a name...