Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conversation with Baby Girl

From this morning in the car

Baby Girl: Daddy, I want you to tell me a story, please.

Daddy: Okay.  Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl named...

Baby Girl: Baby Girl (except, of course, she said her name...which she can finally pronounce entirely)

Daddy: And she spelled her name...

Baby Girl: [insert letters of Baby Girl's name here]

Daddy: One day, Baby Girl's mommy and daddy told her she was going to be a big sister.  That meant she was going to have a baby brother.  What did they call that baby brother?

BG: Boomer

Daddy: And what was his real name going to be?

BG: [insert name that Baby Girl has decided upon that we'll probably go with since how can you deny a sweet little girl who says the name so well in that little girl voice of hers????]

Daddy:  And where is that little baby?

BG: In Mommy's tummy

Daddy: Right.  He's in there growing big and strong.

BG:  Like ME!

Daddy: And that little baby is going to come in late...

BG: April!

Daddy: What's Boomer going to eat when he comes out of mommy's tummy?

BG: Broccoli.


BG: Smooshed up broccoli

Daddy: (laughing) Right.  But when he first comes out, he'll only eat milk.  Do you know that when Boomer starts eating real food that you can help feed him?

BG: Yeah!  And I can teach him to play games...

Daddy: Eventually, but at first he'll be sort of floppy and not do much other than eat, sleep, and cry.  But once he gets bigger you can lay on the floor and teach him how to roll over. Like a dog.



BG: I'm going to put this sock on my hand.  (in high-pitched voice) Hi, I'm a sock puppet.  My name is LaLa.

End scene


Cassie said...

LOVE this. For so many reasons. LOVE.

Tricia said...

Love it! :D