Saturday, February 25, 2012

31 Weeks

How am I feeling? A development that I wanted to make sure to mention in case there are other women who might be pregnant in the future are reading...for the last few weeks I've been seeing specs of blood in my tissues in the morning.  I haven't had a full-blown nose bleed like I know some women have during pregnancy, but I have seen some.

Last night I struggled some with a foot cramp.  My toes cramped, the top of my foot cramped, AND the outside of my foot cramped.  The Hubby tried rubbing it (of course he was already sleeping when it happened...) and it helped until I tried to lay my leg back in its original position.  I ended up having to rub it really hard myself and then get up and stand on it for a few minutes.  It didn't cramp again, but that was really painful and something I hope doesn't keep happening!

Also, I'm confident that I'm waddling now, especially at the end of the day and ESPECIALLY when I need to pee or Baby Boy is pushing down near my bladder.  I find myself walking with my feet turned out and try to fix it, but it doesn't stay fixed for long.

I've also been working on trying to find a comfortable way to sleep.  The last two nights have been relatively successful with a knee support pillow between my legs and another pillow wedged behind me.  It means that I'm taking up more room in the bed, but I think The Hubby is going to just need to deal with it at this point.

Weight thoughts: NO WEIGHT GAIN between doctor appointments (3 weeks)! (as I sit here stuffing a Reese's Cup in my face...)

Doctor appointments?  We had one on Wednesday and it was awesome.  It started with no weight gain.  Oh, did I already say that?  It was my very first prenatal appointment where I didn't gain any weight between appointments in either pregnancy.  Woo!

I had a fairly low blood pressure again, which the nurse was very excited about (but it was unnerving to me).  It was 98/56, I think.  I know the top number was in the 90s and the bottom in the 50s.  When I'm not pregnant, I hover right around 120/75 or so, but I did maintain a lower blood pressure while pregnant with Baby Girl--just not THIS low!  My doctor told me it wasn't a problem and that it would probably rise through the remainder of my pregnancy.

I told the doctor that I was pretty sure Baby Boy was still transverse and she started feeling and couldn't tell at all.  She said I have "hard lumps all over my belly"--haha.  She was fairly confident she felt a butt on my upper right side, so she thought she'd find the heartbeat closer to my belly button and was right about that.  She couldn't tell, though, if I was feeling movement on my lower left side from hands and feet or if it was the head.  She used the doppler to measure his heartrate and it was in the 130s, which was pretty slow for him.  I commented on it and as we listened, it went up to the 150s.  LOL  Silly little man!  He moved around some more and his heartrate jumped into the 160s.  Crazy kid.  It was fun, though.

The last thing she did was measure my fundal length--I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead, which I'd guess means I was measuring at 32 cm (I was 30.5 weeks at the appointment).  She wasn't concerned at all and I'm pretty sure that's because of the extra padding I carry on top of baby.  She did say we'd do an ultrasound as we get closer to make sure he isn't too big and we talked a bit about how inaccurate those are--apparently she says it has an error rate of up to 10-20%.

I go back on March 6th.

Movement?  Oh yes.  As I've said many times, this little guy loves to move!  He responds to peanut butter and seems to calm down when his daddy puts his hand on my belly.  He loves to kick Baby Girl when she's laying on me and do a lot of rolling and moving throughout the day.  Today he was kicking/hitting the underside of my right boob!

Baby preparation? I went and met with a friend on Tuesday to pick up some baby clothes and things--amazing!  I don't think she reads the blog, but if she does....thank you!!!!  We are going to go through it tonight to see what's in there and assess what we might still need.  I've been stocking up on diapers when I find deals, so I feel fairly set there, at least for a little while.  The Hubby looked at the boxes I'd purchased and tried to estimate how long they would last...and I laughed at him.  Apparently he doesn't remember the newborn stage as well as I do.

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Cassie said...

MAN, 31 weeks. That is SO AWESOME that you had no weight gain! I know you were worried about it. And I just had to shake my head at your BPs, since mine were the exact opposite both times I was pregnant!