Monday, February 27, 2012

Meal Plan: 2/26/12 - 3/3/12

For some reason, I failed to bring out many favorites in our meal plan this week and we're, instead, going to make three new recipes (or two...maybe).  I think I've been feeling guilty because our really old-school favorites all are processed junk (hot dogs & mac and cheese; something with tater tots, etc.) and for some reason I can NEVER remember our favorites of all of the new recipes we try.  We try at least one new recipe a week because of all of the cooking blogs I read and, of course, Pinterest.  I just can't remember which were our favorites so we can try them again. Hopefully I can come up with some new favorites for next week so life is a little simpler!

Sunday: Burritos with The Hubby's family.  The Hubby's mom makes her own meat sauce that the family has in shells with refried beans and other normal toppings.  My brother-in-law hosted everyone at his house and he made up a batch of it--yum!  I'm paying for it today, but it was delicious while I was eating it.

Monday: Not So Dirty Dirty Rice.  I'm excited to try this--I think the family will enjoy it and it could become a new favorite!

Tuesday: Brinner (Pancakes, Fried Potatoes, and Turkey Bacon) This was on the meal plan for last week but we didn't end up making it, so we'll be trying it again this week.  I need something quick since I need to leave the house by 6:40 or so for book club and this is usually a pretty quick meal.  We'll see, though, since this meal doesn't typically yield leftovers for the next day's lunch--we might end up making some else.

Wednesday: Panda Express Orange Chicken Copycat This is our cooking club recipe for the week (and a possible candidate for Tuesday's meal).  I think it sounds delicious, although I don't know if I'll deep-fry the chicken.

Thursday: Cajun Shrimp Pasta (except with chicken) I saw shrimp in the Kroger ad this week and thought of this dish immediately (I'll double it), but then couldn't find the shrimp I'd wanted.  Since I don't cook with it often, I'm not comfortable with having shrimp that isn't tail-less and deveined (WTF does that even mean???) and whenever I find bags that are tail-less and deveined, they seem to be already cooked.  Can someone help me figure out what I should be buying?  In any case, I might just make this meal with chicken instead of shrimp.

Friday: Smoked Sausage, Potatoes, and Cabbage One of our tried and true meals that might get cooked earlier in the week due to the large amount of leftovers it generates.  Sometimes I wonder why I even assign days to the meals.

Saturday: No Idea  I got into the bad habit of only planning for 6 meals a week so we were able to go out one night, but since we don't have any plans for the coming weekend, I don't know why I didn't plan on cooking Saturday night as well.  We'll either make something up from all the food in our house or end up going out/ordering in.

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Cassie said...

I have that not-so-dirty rice bookmarked to try as well -- probably next week. It looks delicious.

As far as the shrimp, I'm usually able to find no-tail, deveined shrimp at Kroger, in with all the other shrimp. Not always, but usually. I've also found it at ALDI before.