Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Sleep Update

I'm sure by now you're all thinking, "geez, woman, do you really think we care about how horrible a sleeper your kid is????", but oh well. Just skip this post if you're not interested ;) My blog, my topic. So there.

Baby girl's sleeping has, in general, gotten quite a bit better. Except a couple of nights, which seemed to be anomalies, we've been up one time, she's eaten, then she's gone right back to bed. Friday night was rough because we'd been to the zoo (more on that in a later post) and her only afternoon nap was in the carseat, then my mom stuck around too late and she stayed up too late.

Last night she woke up at 10:00 and was inconsolable. She'll typically calm pretty quickly when we pick her up, but even in her daddy's arms, she was crying pretty hard. Since she kept sticking her thumb in her mouth and, instead of sucking, chewing, we thought, "aha! Maybe it finally is time for teeth!" and gave her some Tylenol to take the edge off. She slept better after that, whether it was a product of the Tylenol or not. She went down fairly easily once it kicked in and slept until 2:30, woke up and ate, then started stirring around 6:40 this morning, just in time for me to nurse her, get dressed, and head out the door.

So we might have gotten over this hump. I'm sure once teeth really *do* start to come in we'll have to go through crappy sleep again. I'm sure once she starts to walk, we'll have another regression. I'm sure there will be many sleep regressions to come, but for now we're just celebrating being in this happy place of only getting up once a night.

And yes, she's still sleeping under that huge quilt. And yes, I still panic about it...but she sleeps and that's what matters, especially since she really is safe. The kid is really mobile and when I'm not feeling super emotional I know in my heart that she's fine. But at nighttime, I do still worry a bit.


Cassie said...

I am NOT sick of these posts. I'm hanging on every word! I'm so glad she seems to be sleeping better for you. Fingers crossed that mine soon decides to do the same! And I don't blame you about the quilt. Whatever it takes to get her to sleep, especially since you know she's safe.

Trisha R Jackson said...

Sleep deprivation is so overwhelming for any parent. It's all-consuming and all we can think about. Just awful! I so remember those nights and in less than a month, will be revisiting them.

There are so many things that revolve around sleep. Teeth, new milestones, swaddling/not swaddling, how much they move, anxiety, etc. I try to keep in mind that there is ALWAYS a reason. Your baby isn't just being defiant and not sleeping, we just have to figure out what works for us. And sometimes, it's trial and error that lasts for sooooo long.

Delaney didn't start STTN (8+ hrs) until she was 10 months old. As soon as we got past the walking hump, we've been pretty good. It was always something, so it seemed. You do what you have to do to get sleep. Co-sleep, tuck a blanket in tight, etc.

So many things happen when your baby sleeps - growth, learning, etc. and so many positives happen when YOU get sleep. (((hugs)))

Danica said...

Ditto PP - whatever it takes to get her to sleep. Hang in there!