Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Zoo

Friday, March 19th, baby girl had her first trip to the zoo! The husband and I decided to make the investment into the annual membership so we could go whenever we wanted and so we wouldn't feel pressured to see the whole thing each trip, especially knowing baby girl needs to be at home to get good naps in.

I took the day off and my mom came up to join us. We headed out around 10 a.m. It was a little chilly still, so we put her in a jacket and her sun hat. We plopped her into the stroller and started walking. We made our way through many of the different areas of the zoo--the elephants, leopards, flamingos, penguins. We also went into the aquarium, which was the best decision of the day because you could get pretty close to the animals, which meant baby girl could actually see them. She loved them! It was hard to get close to the glass with all the other kids there, but we managed pretty well.

I was a little disappointed that she didn't seem to notice any of the other animals. Her favorite thing to watch was the other kids :) But she had a good time and I know as she gets older she'll become more aware of the animals. We'll keep going back! Hopefully Daddy can go with us next time. My mom wanted us to take her on the carousel, but I wanted to wait until her daddy was with us.

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Danica said...

Good decision! We love the zoo. We may get a membership this year too. :-) We're going on Friday. YAY