Monday, March 8, 2010

Never want to forget

Baby girl has the biggest personality and I never ever want to forget what she's like every single day. I do a good job of noting when she starts conquering milestones, but don't document the little things. I never want to forget the way she is now. Yes, she challenges us every single night with sleeping. But during waking hours, she's such a joy. I don't want to forget the way she rubs her face in my chest when she's tired, but doesn't want to admit it. Or the way she sucks her little thumb after nursing in the middle of the night so she won't completely wake back up. How she snuggles into her daddy's shoulder after I rock her to sleep and before he lays her in her crib. The way she squeals and turns the other way with excitement when one of us is holding her and the other tries to kiss her cheek. The way she gives kisses to her mommy's cheek and mouth--sometimes seeming like she wants to nurse, but other times like she just wants to let me know how much she loves me. How she kicks her feet when in her high chair when she's eating food she really likes. How she smiles and grins when she's crawling toward us. The way she rams her head into my shin when she's crawled to me but I haven't bent to pick her up yet. How she gets tired of crawling and will stop and sit on her hip, stretched out on her side, wondering if it's worth it to keep crawling. The way she's nosy and wants to see everyone and will even lean around mommy or daddy to see new people. The way she smiles at mommy while daddy is holding her, getting ready to take her to bed. How her eyes light up when one of us walks in the room.

There are even some things that she does that seem like a nuisance at the time, but I know I'll miss it someday. How she grabs the back of my hair when she wants to get really close. The way she holds my necklaces while I'm holding her. How she screams when she's hungry (or not wanting to sleep) until I nurse her. And how sometimes only nursing her can help calm her down. The way she'll reach out to the other person when one of us is holding her. How she hates her high chair tray when she's done eating, but will still sit in the chair once we remove the tray and push her up to the table. The way she screams when we're putting on or taking off her clothes, until she gets to chew on her pants or shirt. The way she pulls her legs OUT of the leghole that we just put them into. How she sticks everything into her mouth, even the big bouncy ball (probably a foot in diameter) that her grandma got her yesterday.

I never want to let these moments go. I never want to forget.

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Danica said...

So sweet. I don't think you could ever forget!