Thursday, March 11, 2010


Baby girl had a mini-cold a month or so ago. It only lasted a day or two and she acted totally fine the whole time. Thank goodness!!

Last night we were up at 11 and 2:30 and she was dry--no snot to be found. Then when she woke up at 6:30...snot. Everywhere. Everything was soggy and slimy and it was just gross. She was coughing a bit, too.

So maybe it's a cold. Or maybe it's teeth. I don't think I've fully documented here how many times we've thought she was on the brink of getting a tooth. Trust me, it's been a lot. When she stopped sleeping through the night, when she got a snotty nose, when she drooled beyond belief, when she chewed on everything in sight, when she stopped eating purees...and then again yesterday, when I heard her in her car seat, chewing her finger raw. Kid, you won't want to do that once a tooth pokes through.

So even before bedtime I thought maaaaybe there was going to be a tooth. She did the chewing thing again this morning. There's the chewing she's been doing since she could get her hands (and everything else) into her mouth, but then there's this level of chewing that I've never experienced. No sucking involved...just gnawing.

So now, who knows. She could end up with a tooth or this could be another of many false alarms and she could just have another cold, even though no one she's been around has one.

Stay tuned, I suppose....

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