Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yep, just because some of you thought my last post would be about poop, here is a post. All about poop.

Not mine, of course. No, that would be gross. Baby girl's. She's always had really odd pooping habits. They've become MUCH harder and much more infrequent. I was hoping the addition of veggies would help a girl out, but apparently not.

Saturday I was beginning to get a bit concerned. She'd been acting like she needed to go, would grunt and push, but nothing would happen. I wondered if she'd gone at the sitter's and she didn't mention it. The sitter does typically mention it since it's so infrequent...or maybe because many times she was wearing it. Either way, I usually know when I put her up.

So Sunday morning DH let me sleep in for an hour--so nice! When he brought baby girl back upstairs, he announced that she'd pooped. Yay!!! Well, while we were laying in bed together, she pooped again. And again later that day. Within 24 hours, she'd pooped SIX times. And not small little nuggets...oh no...BIG baby poops.

I told her she felt like she was at least a pound lighter. Oh, to be able to lose a pound that way.... :)

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