Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Better Sleep

Sleep was better last night. Went down around 7:15, up around 8:45 for no apparent reason, but easily soothed by her daddy (he was back before his ice cream melted). The hubby and I went to bed not long after that, expecting to have a long night ahead of us. We were pleasantly surprised when we weren't awakened until 2:30! We went ahead and go her up, I fed her, then she went right back to sleep. She then slept until about 6:30--just in time to get up and eat and get ready to go.

We have no idea what we've done. I did turn off her main nightlight. Who knows if that did it. Or it could just be that she's napping better during the day at the sitter's and maybe getting more tired there and therefore will sleep better for us on nights after she's been at the sitter's, rather than home with us.

It just makes me feel like we're doing something wrong on the weekends. We've tried stimulating her a lot (taking her out to stores, restaurants, etc.), we've tried staying at home and focusing on getting her her naps as soon as she needs them. We've tried playing a lot, we've tried winding down to naptime. We follow the same routines on the weekends except that we let her sleep until she's done, rather than waking her at 6:30 (which we don't even have to do all the time...this past Sunday, for instance, she was up at 6 and ready to go and we stayed up with her).

I just don't know. I'm going to just try to be happy that this probably means she'll sleep well 5 nights out of the week. I was mostly afraid that we were going to have to re-train after each weekend, but it seems whatever is naturally happening during the week is doing enough to get her to sleep.

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