Thursday, March 18, 2010


I probably shouldn't be posting this, but I feel the need to. A few days ago, I posted that I was able to get baby girl to sleep by putting our queen-sized quilt over her and turning down her white noise machine. I wasn't sure if she was just so exhausted that she fell asleep or if one of those things did the trick.

Well, it's sort of appearing that one of those things might have done the trick. This was Monday night. Well, Tuesday and Wednesday nights we've put her under a quilt, turned her wave machine on low, and she's slept. She's slept really well. She's only getting up once a night. She eats, then she goes back to sleep. Before this, she would wake up and need some soothing to get back to sleep, but now, no soothing necessary. Last night she even seemed pretty restless and we thought she'd be up early, but she slept until 2, when she got up, ate, and slept until 6:20 when DH went in and got her (she was starting to stir...she might have gone back to sleep, but she needed to get up for the day).

A fluke? Still might be. But we're feeling pretty good after two pretty good nights of sleep.

All of this started, though, with a 5 hour nap on Tuesday. FIVE HOURS. She then slept well that night. Yesterday she took normal naps, went down late (wasn't even remotely sleepy until about 7:45), and still slept well. So we're hoping it wasn't b/c of the nap.

She woke up a bit snottier than she had been and coughing a bit more. Hoping it's just a residual cough from her cold that hit its peak on Sunday. Hoping it's not something more. Hoping it's not what's getting her to sleep!!!

Of course I'm a nervous wreck with her under this huge quilt up around her head (no matter where it starts, she wiggles down until it's really close to her mouth), so we check on her before we go to bed (and then if I wake up throughout the night), but I think we'll get over that, especially if it means sleep!

I'll keep you posted. Of course I will...because you know I'll be posting when she sleeps like crap tonight, don't you?


Danica said...

ooohhh Good luck! I hope she does some good sleeping!

Ruggles'Mom said...

Yay! Sounds like she's getting nice and cozy for a long night's sleep.

Cassie said...

Fingers crossed that tonight is going just as well for you! FYI, I put my little guy to bed at 7:30 and he's still asleep. So why am I awake and blog-surfing you ask? I have NO IDEA. I have no right to complain.