Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Things My Kid Is Doing--Post #239875

This past week was an explosion of development for baby girl! She has:

- Discovered her tongue. Many of you noticed in her earliest pictures that her tongue was always out. Well, I don't think she meant to do that in the past....but now she's got it hanging out all the time. She takes after her mommy--she sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating really hard on something. She's always blowing bubbles like crazy (used to do it, but this is totally different).

- Started making a new face. Many times it's accompanied by the sticking out tongue, but she wrinkles her nose and breathes in and out quickly through her nose. We've seen her do it when she's frustrated, but also when she's happy. It's hilarious and she'll even do it back when we do it at her.

- Waved! She doesn't do it regularly, but yesterday she waved at both my mom and DH. She's been flapping her arms a lot recently, but yesterday was the first time it seems to come with a purpose.

- Started pulling up. Look out!! On Friday she started pulling to her knees, then yesterday I showed her how to put one foot out and pull up that way and she did it a few times. She took a big tumble, though, which scared everyone a bit, since she banged the back of her head on a toy. Ouch! A quick snuggle by mommy and seeing her stuffed ice cream cone made it all better.

Yesterday she also tried avocado and decided she was NOT a fan! Many people talked about babies loving avocado, but this was officially the first food she did not like. We think it was the texture. She spit it back out repeatedly and even threw some of it up. Not going to try that again soon! We will be starting her on fruits this week, though. I want to make sure she isn't going to have some sort of reaction to the avocado, then we'll start applesauce.

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Danica said...

Aw so cute. She's growing up so fast it seems.