Monday, March 15, 2010

Worst Night in Awhile

I have no idea if it's because of the time change or because baby girl is getting over a cold, but last night was our worst night in awhile. She's been congested for a few nights and hasn't seemed bothered by it at all. And she went down well last night, about a half an hour late (by the clock--half an hour early by her body clock). She went to sleep at 7:30, then woke up at 9:20. She was easily soothed and I thought that was the last I'd hear of her. Nope, she was back up at 10:10ish. Again, fairly easily soothed. Then back up at 10:40ish. Again, not horrible... The husband got home around 11:15 and she woke up soon after that. This time, though, she seemed to be WIDE awake. We let her fuss in her crib for about 10 minutes until it escalated to her sounding more frantic each time. The hubby couldn't get her to go back to sleep in her crib, so he suggested I try feeding her. I fed her. She started to fall asleep on side one, but by the time she was on side two, was wide awake and not even all that interested in eating. She just wanted to play.

Since we're all sick, DH and I are EXHAUSTED. It's after midnight. We ended up just laying down and putting her between us and prayed that she'd fall asleep. Me, being ever-anxious, couldn't sleep right away, just nervous she could get smothered by a blanket, a pillow, or one of us. Eventually sleep won out. It apparently did for her, too. I remember her rolling over onto her belly (she fell asleep on her back, which is weird for her), but that's the last thing I remember until 5 a.m., when she woke up pissed off again. I fed her and, yet again, she didn't fall asleep after nursing. Up until last night, this was the easiest thing to do to get her to fall asleep. I ended up just laying her between us for another half an hour and she must have fallen back asleep because the next thing I know, DH is waking us all up to get ready to go.

I'm a walking zombie today. How miserable. Once this sickness has left our house, we'll get back on sleep training. We won't be bringing her back to bed anymore. This was the first (and last) time we've ever done it for more than just early morning hours. But something had to give. We needed some sleep to be able to function today. As it was, we only got about 5 hours...

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