Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dinner Fail-ish

Tonight (as has been true for many nights recently) DH is working late. I successfully made a stop at Walgreen's with baby girl to pick up some pictures, got her dinner, gave her a bath, nursed her, and got her to bed without much of a fuss. I came downstairs, got frustrated with how messy the house is, and sat down and played online for awhile. I realized I was hungry, went poking around online, looking for ideas for a single serving dinner, and found some pancake recipes. No way was I making them from scratch, but I remembered that we had baking mix out there, so I made my way to the kitchen and whipped up some banana pancakes (my favorite).

I should stop here and clarify. I'm a pretty good cook. I do all the cooking in our household except grilling (just b/c DH likes to do it) and breakfast. So I haven't made pancakes in a loooong time.
I sliced the bananas and poured the batter over top like I typically did. I tried to make two separate pancakes that then turned into one. So I went with it and poured batter over the rest of the pan. I tried to flip the pancake and, became one big lumpy mess. I tried to flatten it enough that it would cook through. Then when I went to flip it back over, I just cut it in half. What a mess.

I then made a second large pancake and, while it was a bit better than the first, it was still a total mess. See the results:

You see? A mess. I actually didn't end up needing the syrup or the spray butter, though; the bananas were enough. I wish I were eating peanut butter--that always goes well with the banana pancakes.
As you can see from the picture below, they still tasted fantastic!!!


Danica said...

HA!! I would have just made it a cereal night. You did way better than me.

Cassie said...

I'm with Danica -- I think I would have just had a sandwich or something even simpler! I know, pancakes are "simple," but they're always a little tricky for me. I never know how much batter to use to get them to be just the perfect thickness.