Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How timely!

A blog that I coworker pointed me toward is discussing teething this week.  The post from today is a really interesting read:  http://www.secretsofbabybehavior.com/2010/04/truth-about-teething-part-i-is-it.html

I was just asking another mommy friend about her experiences with teething and she noticed that her son's teething wasn't actually associated with drooling.  She thought her kid was weird, but according to this site, the "typical" symptoms aren't regularly actually associated with teething. 

Maybe I'm not such a nutcase to think that baby girl might be (finally) getting some teeth.  She did seem to be in some pain (which I can imagine would be the case) and has been chewing on some things, but no excessive drool or the other symptoms that some people note.

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Andrea said...

My sister's baby never drools. But Madeline was a faucet. Like everything else, every baby is different. Go with your gut Mommy intinct.