Monday, April 12, 2010

An Update

Thank you all so much for the comments on my Friday post! 

My update is that there really isn't much of an update to speak of.  Baby girl seems to be feeling better.  Didn't have to wipe her nose yesterday except after the trauma she experienced (see the next post for details on that...), but then this morning she had more snot again.  Everyone at the hospital (not related to the trauma--we went and met our new baby nieces!) thinks she's working on teeth based on her chewing on her hands, but I'm losing hope.  No tooth. 

For those of you whose children get The Snot when they're teething, do you notice it more or less at certain times of day?  We can't correlate it to when she lays down or the time of day, even.  Some times she's totally dry and then others we have a consistent river of clear snot running down her face.  That doesn't seem cold-like, but I wondered if anyone else had ever seen anything like that with teething snot.

Mommy and Daddy has, thus far, avoided The Snot.  I had to fight it like crazy, drinking OJ like it was my job, scrubbing my hands until they were raw...but so far, no snot in either one of us.

And as for taking care of baby all day on Saturday?  My parents came up to visit and gave me a bit of a reprieve.  She's quite the mommy's girl, so whenever I was in the room, she was all over me, but I was able to sneak out to CVS for a little while, which was really nice.


Cassie said...

When Andrew was teething, it was just snot snot snot ALL THE TIME. So no help there. It took him FOREVER to cut his first tooth -- we're talking at least a month and a half. That boy wore me out. And yay, now I get to do it all again! (Not that I would trade it, but the teething/snotty part of parenthood is NOT fun. I don't think anyone would disagree with me.)

Trisha R Jackson said...

Oh good! Delaney is runny nonstop when she's teething. More so in the afternoons and evenings, I think, since she's upright the whole day and it has a chance to pour out.

Andrea said...

You and CVS, LOL!

It's like a mini vacation for you isn't it?