Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I feel like I've lost sight of who I am, outside of being a mommy.  In an effort to focus on that, I've made the following list.

I... a wife a musician a diehard Buckeye fan
...believe wholeheartedly in balance and fairness too hard on myself
...wear my heart on my sleeve
...have a *touch* of road rage
...swear like a sailor a friend to read a crazy deal-seeker to dance a volunteer to sing
...have crazy allergies
...could sleep 15 hours a night fun socks
...hate the sound of people chewing
...have a weakness for all things sweet-tasting to play board games the smell of the rain
...hate the sound of thunder and the sight of lightning
...act like a kid sometimes to snuggle
...have always tended to act older than I am
...was considered a genius in my previous life math brain teasers
...hate the idea of doggie kisses a cat person
...dislike chocolate ice cream a curvy girl
...could eat food from the grill every night to look at the stars
...was one test away from being a Mensa member a television addict all reality shows a crafter
...have ADD when it comes to crafting an engineer a slob at heart
...have a brain that never stops going and usually focuses on at least 3 things at once
...have an unhealthy relationship with food a clotheshorse a fan of pretty much all sports
...prefer college football to professional anxious
...want to be liked more than anything else
...can be passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive a Christian (but am really ashamed to admit that this didn't come to my mind earlier...need to work on that) a planner
...hate politics

...have always been and will always be a mommy.


Danica said...

I like you. :-)

And we're so much alike!

Mandy said...

Ditto Danica!

I'm so glad we've become friends! I don't know what I would have done without you to pester with my mommy questions.

Andrea said...

Allison this is great. I agree it becomes all too easy to lose sight of who you really are once your a mom. What a great list!

I feel like I should do the same just to keep my perspective in check.

Cassie said...

I love this. You are amazing!

Emily said...

This is a great post :)