Friday, April 30, 2010

Nine month doctor appointment

Weight: 17 lbs 11 oz (about 30th percentile, which was a drop and bothered me, but with how active she is, the doctor wasn't worried whatsoever)
Height: 27 1/4 in (over 40th percentile, which was a jump up from last time)
Head circumference: 75th percentile (doctor says she has a big brain ;) )

He was really impressed and surprised by how much she's moving.  He said he doesn't see that much moving or pulling up with so much ease very often in kids her age, so that made us feel really good!  He did say that since she's starting to stand without holding onto anything she'll be walking soon.  Eek!

Only thing that might have been wrong was that he heard a heart murmur (insert panicky mom here).  He says it's really common at this age, as sometimes the heart doesn't grow quite fast enough to keep up with the blood flow and that it should resolve itself within a few visits.  He says if it doesn't, we'll go see a cardiologist, who will tell us everything is fine.  He says not to worry...not easy to do!!!

We then asked questions about feeding.  Our next step will be to give her peas, pasta, and then, if we want, chunks of meat since we've already been giving her mashed potatoes and Cheer.ios and chunks of green beans.  He said we can give her bites of casseroles and things, too.  She'll love that!  He said to wait on yogurt until 11 months and other milk products after a year.   He also confirmed that she doesn't need water and won't become dehydrated because there is plenty of water in breastmilk.  Will need to make sure to tell my mom and the sitter.

The last part of the appointment was a finger stick to pull blood to test iron levels and lead levels.  She was quite the champ--whined a teeny bit, but no crying at all and just seemed a teeny bored by the whole ordeal. 


Liz said...

I'm glad the appt. went well! Did you ask about her sleeping (or lack thereof)?

Allison said...

You know, Liz, I didn't. We had a good night last night (slept 7-3:30, up to eat, back down until 6:30), so it wasn't even on my mind! He asked if she was sleeping through the night and I told him that she was up once a night to eat and that we were okay with that (because, well, she *was* up once to eat last night...) and he said that was fine b/c the only way to get her to sleep through the night was to let her cry and then gave us tips if we decided to do that.

Cassie said...

The doctor gave you tips? What tips are those? I mean, Will is still definitely eating once a night, but when he's able to get through the night without it I just KNOW it is not going to be easy. I'll need all the tips I can get -- even from someone else's pediatrician!

It sounds like baby girl is doing great. Can't believe she's already standing on her own -- Andrew wasn't doing that until he was at least 13 months old!

Manday said...

glad the appt went well! sounds like she is braver than me when it comes to a finger stick, never thought a 9 month old would beat me at anything (besides being cute, of course)

Sarah Dee said...

Maybe she won't be a shorty afterall. :) And, look at her, showing off with her big head and everything.

GL not worrying.

Also, big sigh about the water in BM. My Mom made a comment that it was not wonder Baby D. was hungry all the time, all I was giving him was the watery BM. Ha!