Sunday, July 11, 2010

Almost Perfect

Yesterday was the best day (I think) since Baby Girl was born. 

It started with The Hubby and me realizing that the sun was up and it was almost 6 a.m.  Why is this a big deal?  Well, the last time we'd spoken to each other was 10:30 the night before.  That's right, folks, Baby Girl slept through the night.  Woohoo!  That, alone, would have made the day great!

We all got up, had breakfast, then went to Wal.mart (I still think there need to be more 24-hour stores...) to look for a polo shirt for The Hubby and to pick up a few jars of baby food (easier to take out of the house).  When we got back, we went on a short bike ride with the new bike trailer we picked up.  Baby Girl seems to love it and it was great to get out of the house.

When we returned, I worked on getting ready--took a shower, packed up some stuff for the day, made sure Baby Girl and The Hubby were doing okay.

At about 8:55, I left the two of them alone and drove to Goodale Park to meet up with a local photographer.  I was hosting a portrait party!  A portrait party is when there are many 30-minute sessions back-to-back throughout the day.  In turn, the client gets a reduced session fee and usually a reduction in price in prints.  We had 5 other clients besides my family booked.  The first family arrived at 9:30 that morning and we (I say "we", but really all I did was entertain guests, help make babies smile, and carry the camera bag) had shoots from then through mine, which started at 11:30.  We got a bit off schedule and our shoot was over around 12:30.  At that point The Hubby, Baby Girl, and I sat on our blanket with our friends S, R, and their little boy, A to have some lunch in the park.  It was a lot of fun!  The kiddos played and we all ate and chatted. 

Around 1, the last client showed up, another friend, M, with her little man.  We did their shoot, then all of us (3 babies and 5 adults) hung out for a little while.  A little after 2, we realized it was probably nap time, so we loaded up the cars and headed home. 

Baby Girl fell asleep in the car with The Hubby pretty close to home, so he got her out of the car and took her straight up to her room.  Many times if she's fallen asleep in the car, putting her back down doesn't go well (and no, she doesn't sleep at all in her carrier if it isn't in a moving car), but he took her upstairs and she cried for just a minute or so and fell asleep (it was about 2:40). 

The Hubby and I came downstairs and did a lot of relaxing and I got dinner (the Buffalo Chicken Lasagna (there you go, Colleen!!)) cooking.  We figured Baby Girl would be up after 1 1/2 hours, or around 4:10.  Imagine our surprise when she didn't wake up until 4:40!  Woohoo!

She got up in good spirit, had some milk, played for a bit, then we had some dinner.  We played after dinner, then she nursed and went to bed around 7:15.  I cleaned up after dinner, then The Hubby and I watched a movie that had been in our DVR for a long time--27 Dresses.  It was really cute!  We went to bed around 10:30.

The near perfect day carried over to today, too...when we realized she'd pretty much slept through the night again!  She woke at 4:00 with a little fuss and The Hubby was near the door to go to her when I told him to wait...and sure enough she fell back asleep on her own.  She slept until 6:30!!!

(yes, I am absolutely aware that I might be jinxing things by talking about this sleeping, but even if it doesn't happen again for awhile, I'm happy for these two nights)


Sarah Dee said...

we had a great time too. i am very excited to see the pictures, especially the group shot.

Cassie said...

Grah! Blogger HATES me today so I apologize if this is a duplicate comment.

ANYWAY...that sounds like a really awesome day. The portrait party sounds like so much fun! And hooray for good sleeping -- it seems like these little ones are finally getting it together!

Ruggles'Mom said...

Yay! It's amazing how a good nap and good night's sleep can completely change the vibe of the day. I hope the streak continues!