Friday, July 16, 2010

The Sickness

Let me tell you, the month of July hasn't been a healthy one in our household!!!

Baby Girl and I started feeling icky at the end of June and we both suffered from a cold over the next couple of weeks.  It wasn't fun, but we both took it in stride and still went about our normal business.

Then The Hubby got it (while Baby Girl and I were still coughing a bit).  And you know how men can be when they get sick.  While I was sick, I was still doing laundry, cooking, cleaning up after may not have been the cleanest time in our lives, but I kept up on things so we weren't living in an absolute pigsty.  When he got sick, though, I got zero help.  He's not a baby about being sick...just lazy. 

Two days after The Hubby got sick (on Tuesday morning), Baby Girl had a few cases of diarrhea.  And then a couple more.  I called the doctor and they told us to give her a probiotic, so we tried, but the kid wouldn't drink it mixed with water, I was home with her, so she was directly nursing...we didn't think to put it in her food until Wednesday morning (of course!).

The Hubby and I hung out at home with her on Tuesday (The Hubby was still recovering from his own illness, so I figured I should stick around with her).  By the end of the day on Tuesday, it was apparent that we were ALL sick again.  *sigh*  I ended up staying home Wednesday and Thursday and even going to the doctor for some heavy-duty antibiotics on Thursday.  Two colds in one month?!?!?!  Really???  Hopefully this is just getting it out of our systems so we aren't sick for the BIG PARTY next weekend.

This morning, though, (after, I think, the worst had passed) I was realizing how incredibly fortunate we are.  Both The Hubby and I have the sick time we can take if we're sick or if Baby Girl is sick.  We have great health insurance so we didn't even have to consider if we could afford to go to the doctor's office.  We paid our copays and I got my meds and spent $45 total.  Could things have been better?  Of course.  We could've not gotten sick.  I could *not* be breastfeeding and therefore able to take good cold meds.  But it could've been SO. Much. Worse.

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Cassie said...

I've been keeping up with all of this on FB and feeling so bad for you all lately! I HATE having a cold, especially in the summer, and especially when the air is like this and it's hard to breathe even if you're perfectly well. I'm glad you're feeling better now, and I hope it stays that way!!!