Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is what greeted me as I came down the stairs this morning.

Baby Girl *might* say a few words, but none has come out as clearly as "Hi!".  She says "Da" sometimes when her daddy walks in the room or when she looks at him...or when she wants something...or when she sees something whose name doesn't start with a "d".  lol  You see what I mean?  Hard to tell! 

And she babbles "mamamamamamamama", but we still haven't exactly related it to her "mama". 

I've also heard "Duck" a couple of times (once directed toward a toy duck and once toward Big Bird...who I suppose looks like a duck, even though he's technically a canary), but also hear it in random places.  So I still don't know what her first word is.  But I do know that her first very clear word is "hi" and it's the sweetest sound!  I was greeted by it twice this morning, both times just by coming down the stairs.  And one time when I headed up the stairs she waved "bye-bye".  Apparently she waves at the parents dropping off at the sitter's all the time...who knew?  She doesn't wave consistently for us ever!

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