Saturday, July 17, 2010

So much for that

I was going to write this really nice, reflective post today about Baby Girl's sleep.  And she still slept okay last night, so that's not really why I say "was".  I'm just not in the mood after the way she's been acting today.  She's been clingy and cranky--two words I would NEVER use to describe my baby.  She has no fever and has been chewing on everything, which makes me think (hope?  pray?) that it's her teeth and not another ear infection.  I noticed the two teeth on either side of her middle bottom teeth are just below the surface on Thursday. 

And then there's that pesky top right tooth.  Most people think it's actually already in because her gums are so white, but it's looked like that for WEEKS (almost a month).  So who knows.  Maybe we'll get all three this weekend.  Or maybe my baby has a raging ear infection and I'm ignoring it by just chalking it up to teeth.

This would be a lot easier if she could talk and tell me what, exactly, hurts.  Oh, and if she'd take her finger out of her ear (which she does whether she's got an earache or not). 

This could be a long weekend.

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