Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Kroger Deal for my readers

Easy deal:
Buy 10 packages of Philadephia cream cheese for $14.90 ($1.49 apiece)
Print off 2 coupons from on every computer you have access to (worth $1 apiece--we'll just say 2 coupons for this super easy deal)
When you buy 10 of these, you get $5 off instantly (Mega event)
$14.90 - $2 (2 $1 coupons) - $5 = $7.90
Get a coupon for $5 off your next order when you buy any 5 Kraft cheese items
So in essence you're paying $2.90 for 10 bricks of cream cheese!

You can make the deal fit your life better by looking at other items in the Mega event--as long as you get at least 5 Kraft cheese items (Philadephia is a Kraft brand) and 10 of the Mega event items, this deal will work for you!

I, for instance, did this deal:
4 packages of Philadelphia: $5.96
6 packages of Kraft shredded cheese (also part of the Mega event & $1.99 apiece): $11.94
Printed 2 Philadephia coupons: -$2
Had 3 Kraft coupons for $1 off 2 packages of cheese (found on the shelf at my store): -$3
$17.90 - $2 - $3 - $5 (Mega event) = $7.90 with $5 coupon on your next Kroger order

Check out all the great items that are part of the Mega event at
A different easy deal!
Buy 9 packages of 24-count Crayola crayons (in the back-to-school area) for $0.25 apiece : $2.25

There is a deal going on right now where you buy $20 worth of school supplies and you get a $4 off coupon for your next Kroger purchase.  The thing is, the calculation to figure if you've spent $20 is based on the original price before sale.  These crayons are $2.25 apiece regularly, so to get to $20, you need to buy 9 (see above).

Pay $2.25 out of pocket and get a coupon for $4 off later!

Now you have two easy deals to get stuff for cheap or to make money--get out there and shop!!!

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