Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quick points

1) You know how I said in mid-June that the bitch is back?  Yeah, that was just a little warning shot.  She officially made her way back into my life in all her gory glory this past Sunday night.  Nice.  Perrrrrfect timing.

2) Speaking of Sunday night...OH.EM.GEE, y'all, that was rough.  Really rough.  Last night wasn't great--it took her a full half an hour of coddling to get her to sleep.  But it wasn't anything like the screaming-fighting-sleeping-with-all-her-might bullshit stuff we had Sunday night.  And of course I can say that because The Hubby was the one dealing with her last night.  We're starting to think she needs some combination of a later bedtime, more wind-down time before bed, and more food.  We'll see how she does tonight (hoping she is taking normal naps today so we can truly judge it as a "normal" day).

3) Yesterday was not a normal day.  I ended up taking her to the doctor at 10 am, which is during naptime, normally.  No ear infection.  No sinus infection.  And not really any signs of teeth.  Of course.  Oh well.  The appointment served two purposes: it proved that my mommy instinct isn't 100% off (I didn't think she had an ear infection) and it gave us the peace of mind that nothing is seriously wrong.  But of course the crazy napping lead to being up overnight.  Twice.  Yawn.

4) Thank you SO much for the comments on my Sunday post.  I really appreciate the reassurance from you all that it's totally normal to feel the way I did (do?).  I agree that more mommies need to be more forthcoming about the struggles we face.  I had someone ask me the other day, "Isn't being a mommy the best thing in the world?"  I had to pause and think about it.  I LOVE Baby girl.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  But right now I'm having a hard time thinking of anything but a secluded beach, sun, 70 degree weather, and a strawberry daiquiri as the best thing in the world.  I, of course, smiled and talked about how wonderful it is.  And I felt like a big fat liar.  And this was when she was sleeping through the night!

5) Baby Girl's party...we're in the last few days.  We have a plan.  It's a plan that's going to mean less sleep for The Hubby and me, but we'll have a presentable house, some food, some decorations, and hopefully a fun party for everyone.  We will be crashing on Sunday, though.

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Cassie said...

I'm glad there's nothing wrong, but I seriously hope she works out her issues so you guys can breathe a little easier. Having a crying, whiny baby who is perfectly well on paper is THE MOST frustrating thing ever. Ugh.

Will had a rough night of sleeping last night too. He was up four? times, I think. I sort of lost count. I feel like a zombie today.