Sunday, September 19, 2010

13 months

This monthly update is coming in a different form because I started jotting things down and just want to get this post published since Baby Girl will be 14 months in less than 2 weeks!


Truck (which sounds more like "Guck" and is really cute when we say "Terrruck" and she replies "Guh-Guck!")
Mamamamama (I'm still not convinced she's ever said it *at* me)
Da or Dadadada
"Sheesh" (we have no idea what it is, but she says it when she points at many things, including the seagulls she was obsessed with at the beach, even after three days of us saying "bird")
Oh (which I think is the beginnings of "nose")
Tikikikiktikitikiki (Tickle tickle tickle)
Nononononono (never in a defiant way--just nonononono)
"ot" (Which is "hot"--what we say when she goes to touch the oven or dishwasher, even when it isn't hot.  Unfortunately, she doesn't understand yet that that means she shouldn't touch it)
Dah-og (dog--although all dogs are now "Shu-shee", or Suzy, which is the name of my ILs' dog)
Up (we're working on getting her to say this when she wants picked up instead of whining at my's not going well)
Mmmmm! (when she likes something she's eaten--it's especially nice after she's done nursing!  It lets me know I cooked up a good batch for her ;) )

Shaking head "no"
Puttting away items when asked in the appropriate place, even if it's been awhile since she took it out
Itsy Bitsy Spider--her favorite part was when the rain comes down, but now she's more into the sun coming up

Knows nose, eye, belly button, belly

Tantrums (laying down slowly onto floor and looking up at us--only one real tantrum so far)
Spitting water
Take-away game (offering something to you, then taking it away)

All done
"I don't know"--raising hands in the air

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Cassie said...

Look at her go! Baby girl is getting so big, so fast!