Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meal Plan 9/26-10/2

Sunday: Breakfast Burritos

Scrambled eggs
In a pan, sauteed 1/2 pkg smoked turkey sausage, 3 bell peppers (they needed used), an onion
Topped with cheese, sour cream, and taco sauce/salsa
Baby Girl LOVED eating the stuffing!

Monday: Pasta & Meatballs

This was my first real foray into Aldi's brand of food and I loved it!  I bought their Fit & Active whole wheat pasta and their frozen turkey meatballs (LOVE these!!!) and then their Reggano (I think) pasta sauce.  It was a fabulous meal and something I'll definitely buy again.

Tuesday: Chicken Taco Bake

Although I was already very familiar with cooking a whole chicken, I tried it in the crockpot (as described in the link above), which worked out really well!  I also saved the liquid and will use it instead of canned broth in the future.  I then used some (maybe 1/2?) of the meat and made two 8x8 pans of the Chicken Taco Bakes (also described in the link) and froze one.  The one we baked last night was great with some rice and chips for dinner and I'm eating leftovers with chips as I type!  Baby Girl ate everything we gave her and even asked for more when we were done!

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Pizza (just planning on using the cooked chicken, some BBQ sauce, cheese, red onion, and cilantro on a pizza shell)

Thursday: Pork Tacos (this has become a favorite recipe of ours, as exemplified by the repeat appearance in the blog!).  Not sure what I'll serve with the tacos--probably some sort of rice, even though Baby Girl isn't a big fan of rice.

Friday: Pork Quesadillas (using the leftover pork meat)  Very excited to have Baby Girl try this since we now know she doesn't have any problems with cheese.

Saturday: I think we're going out with friends for my birthday--the planning is all left up to The Hubby, so we'll see what he comes up with!

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