Sunday, September 26, 2010

Always learning

Things Baby Girl has learned this week alone:
  • The sound a dog makes: "woof"
  • The sound a tiger makes (she sees it in her books): "rawr"
  • The sign for "please" (I said, "say please" and showed her the sign and she's been doing it ever since in context--she even now says "eee")
  • She squats down when we say "ready" and then jumps up when she says "up"
  • When she sees pictures of a football game (we were looking at the newspaper after the Buckeyes win yesterday) or hears the word "touchdown", she throws her arms up in the air
  • When she needs help, she says "ep" (which sounds a lot like "up")
  • When we went out for breakfast to Subway, she scooped and fed herself her oatmeal (the first time she's scooped it on her own).  We've since let her do her own applesauce, too--she isn't great at it, but she tries!
  • She's started walking backwards--it's hilarious!
  • She also asks sometimes to go upstairs for nap.  Never thought I'd see that day!
  • What a bug is (well, a cartoon bug that appears on each page of a book she has)

Other things she's learned but I don't know if I've posted about:
  • I don't know if I already posted that she now signs "milk" (it looks like she's playing the world's smallest violin between her fingers, but we know what it means)
  • When she wants to get down off our laps, she says "dow" (which The Hubby always thinks is "dog")



Cassie said...

They seriously do learn things SO QUICKLY when they're toddlers. They really are like the cutest little sponges ever! :)

Danica said...

She's growing up so fast!