Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Give me more!!!

Last night I cooked some baked fried chicken, baked sweet potato fries, and frozen corn.  It was a great meal, if I do say so (and I DO!).  Baby Girl agreed, apparently.

The fries and corn were done before the chicken and it was getting late, so I walked over to where she was playing and offered her a bite of a sweet potato fry.  She started to suck on it, but eventually understood that she should bite it off, which she then did successfully.  She ate two of them and we realized she was pretty hungry, so we put her in her high chair to eat more sweet potatoes and some corn.  Once the chicken was done cooking, I gave her some of that, which she ate before I could get it onto her tray.  My kid is a meat-eater for sure!  She eventually got tired of food other than chicken and The Hubby and I were done with our chicken, so there was none left.  She had a few pieces of sweet potato and some corn on her tray and she wasn't interested in that anymore, so we asked if she was all done, she gave us the sign for "all done" and we got her down. 

We then headed to the living room.  It was at this point that my baby threw her first big tantrum.  She was shrieking like she's started to do when she doesn't want to sleep, only this had nothing to do with sleep.  She wouldn't leave the kitchen/dining room area.  She tried to throw herself onto the floor (she normally moves to the floor very slowly and just lays there looking at you when she's trying to throw a tantrum) but luckily The Hubby was there already and caught her.  I cried in the living room.  We didn't know what she wanted and I felt like an awful mommy for not having any idea what my baby needed.

And then The Hubby gave her another sweet potato fry, whole.  And she was happy again.  She ended up eating probably 12 more of them and shared some bites with both of us.  Sweet potato?  Really?  Well, I guess she likes them...and I know what we'll be eating on a fairly regular basis from now on. 



Colleen said...

That's awesome... a girl after my own heart! I love me some sweet potato fries!

Cassie said...

Well, who wouldn't throw a fit about getting their sweet potato fries taken away!? Those things are delicious!!! :)

So glad you're back from vacation. I missed you!

Sarah Dee said...

AH! We have a melt down like this at least once a day. Usually its something he wants like to eat the cat food and he doesn't/can't have. Today it was the lid to the HOT crock-pot.

No fun at all! But, at least you know you make some yummy food. And, she'll get to taste it again when you nurse next. ;)