Friday, September 10, 2010

It's fall....*happy sigh*

I love fall.  I love the changing leaves.  I love football season.  I love the cooler temperatures.  I love the break from the heat (I definitely appreciate fall more than spring because of this).

I don't love the allergies.  But I'm trying to overlook that for now.

The problem is, Ohio hasn't had much of a fall (or spring, really) in a few years.  It seems we go straight from 90 degree days to 50s with very little time in between.  Not this week, though.  This week has been nearly perfect (well, Wednesday through Friday--Tuesday was ridiculously hot, especially in an unair-conditioned church and out in a cemetary). 

Wednesday night?  We went for a long walk around the neighborhood.  Dinner went long, so it wasn't really as long as we would have liked, but it was still fun.  Baby Girl loves riding on her car, so we pushed it all around the neighborhood.  When she would get bored, we'd sing Itsy Bitsy Spider (she now does some sort of hand signals for each part of it) or one of us would run really fast and get her giggling at the wind in her hair.  We even stopped to see a friend who lives in the neighborhood and her big german shepherd.  He barked a few times, which made Baby Girl jump, but she didn't beg to be picked up or anything, which was good.  After awhile of watching him, she started sticking her tongue out, imitating him--it was adorable!  What a beautiful night. 

Last night, though, was the best yet.  We hadn't laid out any meat for dinner, so we picked up Taco Bell (got a chicken soft taco, Fresco style (eliminates the cheese and adds lettuce), for Baby Girl) and went home.  Baby Girl LOVED the lettuce (weirdo...) and ate a good amount of the chicken, then some fresh pear.  Since we were done with dinner so early (why can't we do this every night?), we decided to go for a bike ride.  We ended up riding all around the neighborhood with Baby Girl in her trailer, again, singing Itsy Bitsy Spider when she got bored :)  It was nice to get active, though, and not be dripping with sweat by the time we got home. We then played in the front yard, got on the swing for a bit, then came inside and Baby Girl went to bed.  Then The Hubby got a fire going in our firepit...

We sat on our back porch with the fire going and I remembered!  We have marshmallows inside!  While he was getting the fire to a roar (it's truly an art to do it without lighter fluid), I found the sticks and marshmallows.  We lounged in our rockers, slowly roasting the marshmallows to perfection.  I pulled mine off the stick and bit into it, letting my teeth pass through the outside (with that perfect slight crisp) and into the gooey, almost-warm-enough-to-burn-your-mouth-but-not-quite inside.  The marshmallow seemed to melt into my mouth.  Heaven.  We enjoyed spending this simple time with each other--something we haven't done in far too long. 

It's been a great few nights.  We've ignored things that need done inside the house and just focused on spending time together.  Tonight we have to get back to things that need done (I have to go shopping for a baby shower present), but it's so good to be able to enjoy fall together.


Cassie said...

It has been such an awesome week weather-wise, that's for sure. Last night I wore flannel pj pants and slept with the windows open, and it was perfection! It sounds like you guys have had some great (and much-needed!) family time. :)

Angela said...

It was fun to see you, and of course your Baby Girl! She is too cute. I hope my wild dog didn't traumatize her, but she seemed ok, he's too loud. And her face last night in the trailer thing was priceless!

Sarah Dee said...

what a wonderful week!

Manday said...

Sounds like an excellent couple of days. We have also been enjoying the cooler weather, I would not mind if it kept this up for a month or so. I call this "Duluth Summer".